Jay appreciates having his personal trainer visit his home in Dallas, where he can work out and spend more time with his family!
“I feel better about myself and I can also move around better and I like the flexibility. The older you get (I’m over 50) you want to be able to stretch more and not feel so tight. Now I don’t feel as tight because I can stretch, and the things that John has helped me with I know I can use on my own or also when he gets here, we can do it.
“Family is important. I don’t want to spend time away and I want to be here. So I get here and I can play with the kids before I work out. I can work out for an hour and I can play with them  afterwards. They even come in here and John knows every one of my kids and has played with all of them so they can intermingle, if you will. Not that we want them to all the time, but we don’t mind it. It just helps being here.”