Joe Yglesias came to us with specific weight loss goals but was at a lost. He had been swimming 3500 yards per day and couldn’t understand why he wasn’t losing weight.

After review all aspects of Joe’s program, we were able to identify the problems and address them. As a result in 24 weeks Joe lost 62 lbs., dropped 19.1% body fat, and 6 pant sizes!

Joe’s interview:

“I was a triathlete, a runner, used to bike a lot. About 10 years ago I got into an auto accident, screwed my back up. A couple surgeries later, I can’t run anymore so I picked up swimming. I was swimming about 5-6 days a week. Now I’m averaging about 3,500 yards a swim and I wasn’t losing any weight. I was maxing out somewhere around 280 and I was hitting the aerobics really hard in the pool and just not losing any weight. That’s what I was before.

I called you guys, you put me on a meal plan, which isn’t bad. You get me exercising, lifting weights, building muscle and the weight just peeled right off, the muscle started coming on. The body fat percentages started to shift and everything is looking good.

Before, I honestly had a lack of energy. Getting out of the pool I was pretty refreshed but usually around lunchtime I was just wiped out. Nowadays I’m good till 8:00, 9:00, 10:00 at night. I’m in the pool probably about 75 minutes every morning, but that’s before everybody gets up, so that really doesn’t take my time away from my family. And I was quite concerned, but what I’m doing now, it’s only taking probably no more than an hour in the afternoon. A lot of times less than that, depending on what my schedule is, so it doesn’t burn up a lot of time.

They say if you can do it for three weeks straight, it’s a habit, so it’s a habit now. I just got past that three weeks and every day I do something. If it’s not working out 3-4 times with the weights, it’s doing aerobics on the days that I don’t work out, in the afternoons, and then of course I swim in the mornings. It bothers me if I don’t work out because it’s something I do every day.

They say the food is the hardest; with me it’s really not that hard. I’m pretty much a person who follows the rules, follows the pattern, so the food is not anything special, other than eating meat for breakfast was kind of different for me. But I can eat the same thing every day if I have to, or if that’s what’s available. It just doesn’t bother me. The food component wasn’t bad at all.

My trainer comes in, sees what I’ve done for the last three weeks…I’m on a maintenance program now so he comes in every 3-4 weeks, sees what I’ve done and he adjusts my schedule, mixes my routine up, stuff like that. He gives me the flexibility to add and subtract things as I go along so a lot of times he’ll start me off on one workout and by the time he’s come back, I’ve already changed it to suit something that I like to do or something that helps me out.

At first I thought I could do it on my own. Like I said, I was swimming 5-6 days a week, and that just wasn’t working. There’s something else and you guys brought that to the table. You brought the knowledge that I needed and gave me the knowledge that I needed to make a difference.”