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Too Busy to Make Healthy Meals?

We’re going to let you in on a little secret . . . that’s delivered to your door.

Back in 2005, Mike helped his wife lose 55 pounds by simply eating meats, vegetables and eggs.

They discovered that the food must:

  • taste good
  • be simple to prepare
  • have good variety
  • require no thinking
  • not contain any processed starches.

That’s when Personal Trainer Food began…






Personal Trainer Food is a 28-day healthy weight-loss meal plan.
You customize your order
online and FedEx delivers it to your door in a few days.


Replace the wrong food with the ‘right’ food.
Personal Trainer Food provides the ‘right’ food that’s easy to eat.

Focus on short, simple, daily routines.
They give you exact steps—a simple plan that leads to success.

Ignore the noise
Confusion is the #1 cause of weight-loss failure. They clear it up.

Keep it simple.
Simple, consistent routines lead to good habits, your end goal.


These are just a few of the many healthy meal choices
you will find on Personal Trainer Food’s menu:

PTF_angus-burgerAngus Burger

52% Protein
0% Complex Carbs
48% Healthy Fats


PTF_teriyaki-chickenTeriyaki Chicken

70% Protein
0% Complex Carbs
30% Healthy Fats


PTF_apple-gouda-sausageApple and Gouda Juicy Sausage

50% Protein
27% Complex Carbs
23% Healthy Fats


PTF_grilled-tender-chxGrilled Tender Chicken Breast

79% Protein
4% Complex Carbs
18% Healthy Fats



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