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Power Plate: Home Fitness Equipment Review #02

“Shake it up! Ooo Ooo! Shake it up!”

That’s what the Power Plate does. A seemingly simple function for a machine that works wonders on your physique, your golf game, your good mood.

This month, Hut Allred from New Wave Fitness and Craig Lewin from Busy Body & Fitness HQ stores explain the mystery behind the Power Plate. Watch their video feature below, and if you’d like to read all about it, the transcript is below the video:

Hut Allred:
This is Hut Allred here with New Wave Fitness, and I’m here again with Craig Lewin of Busy Body and Fitness HQ.

People get a little confused by the benefits of this machine and really what it can do for you in helping you achieve your fitness goals. So let’s talk a little bit about the Power Plate and go through the benefits of it.

Craig Lewin:
Well, I’ll tell you, there are a  lot of people coming in the stores and they walk up to it and go, “What is this thing?” They’re always really intrigued by the look of it. It’s called “acceleration training,” and what the Power Plate physically does is it vibrates.

It’s got an up-and-down motion and a side-to-side motion, and that vibration, that force is actually pushed up through your body and it’s forcing your muscles to contract.  A lot of people say, “Oh, is it like that thing that my grandmother had?”

Hut Allred:
The belt that shakes you.

Craig Lewin:
Totally different than something like that. This is something that is proven science. If you go to their website,, you’ll see tons of articles that are out there, studies that show the benefits of it.

Then to get to the benefits, you’ve got a huge benefit with bone density, huge benefit with blood circulation, big benefit with muscle strengthening. The whole plate is actually speeding up the process. When you get on there, if I put you on there for 30 seconds, you’re going to get 900 involuntary muscle contractions in 30 seconds. Well, you just can’t do that doing anything else, right?

Hut Allred:
Absolutely not, no.

Craig Lewin:
So you get on it, we’re going to have you do squats, we’re going to have you do different exercises and you’re really going to want to be crying for your mommy after working out on it.

Hut Allred:  
Definitely. And what I tell a lot of folks whenever we’re going through this equipment is, they ask, “What can you do on it?” Well, you can do everything on it. We can do movement preparation. We can do stability training, we can do core training, we can do strength training, and we can get a massage on it, which will help speed up recovery.

It’s a very valuable piece of equipment that, again, takes up a small footprint but allows you to address all the different systems that we’re trying to improve to improve our health and fitness.

Craig Lewin:
A lot of people come in for different reasons. I might get a stud like you who’s already in good shape, who just wants to maintain that. Well, I can give you a killer workout. I might get somebody who’s got a fibromyalgia issue that’s trying to work on that. We can help with that type of thing when you get on there, just to open up those systems.

But the big thing with these plates when they vibrate is that first of all, you can see how the plate moves a little bit. You have to stabilize it while it vibrates. So that’s huge, to work on stability and that part of the brain that works on it.

These cables—I can get into a squat motion and do bicep curls while it’s vibrating. The vibration comes through the cables as well as through the plate. I do this for 30 seconds…I love it when I get somebody in good shape like you, and you’ve got to go, “Oh, what is this stupid thing?” And then I get you on there and you go, “Oh, wow! This thing is unbelievable!”

It’s something that can really, really get your butt kicked. Plus, you can even do like push-ups while it’s vibrating. You could do lunges on here. You could do squats. Everything. You’re going to get creative with the customer too.

Hut Allred:
Yes, absolutely. A lot of folks ask, with strength training you change sets, reps, resistance…well, on this you change duration. You change frequency, how fast you vibrate the muscle, and you change the amplitude, which is the force that you put on the muscle.

A lot of folks are really surprised and amazed by how  much you can be challenged just through vibration training. And it doesn’t put all the stress on your spine like traditional strength training does.

For folks that are really trying to find a piece of equipment that can carry them through their 60s and 70s and beyond, not only athletes, it really relates to a lot of different variety of customers.

Craig Lewin:
I like what you said, the fact about the pressure when you’re on the machine, because when you’re doing traditional weights, some people want to do a squat for instance and they get that bar on their back—it’s a lot of downward force. It can hurt you, it can compress your spine.

That’s what’s great about the Power Plate: Because it’s an upward force, you don’t have all that wear and tear on your body, and I think that’s something that’s huge. Don’t forget, these things are obviously in homes all over the country, but then on top of that, you’ve got them in almost every NFL facility, NBA facility, NHL facility.

We’ve got people using them on an extremely high level, all the way to people who just say, “Look, I just need something to help me with my flexibility and things like that.”

Hut Allred:
Definitely. This is the Power Plate. If you’re interested in learning more about it, coming into one of these stores and having a demonstration and getting on it, you’ll really see the value.

We really can’t give it justice here just because we’re talking about it, but you’ll be able to see the value of what this can do for you in helping you achieve your goals. We’ve worked with a lot of clients on this and they  have gotten great results. So if you’re interested in learning more about it, we can go to…

Craig Lewin:  or

Hut Allred:
If somebody just wants to call in and ask a few questions?

Craig Lewin:
Yes, absolutely. You can call the store any time, 972-867-6966 and we’ll go over it with you a little bit, if you want to pick our brain a little. Obviously it’s hard to cover everything in a minute, but you can call up here and we’ll go over tons of stuff.

I think that’s one thing too, like specifically when you get into this my7. There are different levels of Power Plates you can get, but on this my7, if you zoom in here, you’ll see that there’s actually a touchscreen built in to this.

When I tell it what I want to do, it’s going to walk you through it automatically and show you a video of exactly what to do, which is really easy. I think the best part about it, for people who are just starting out, is that I can physically tell this machine what I want to work on. Do I want to feel better, look better or play better?

Let’s say, Hut, you said to me you want to work on your golf game. I can hit “Play Better.” I can hit “Golf.” And I could tell it on, let’s say, an intermediate level, I want to go for 10 minutes. That’s what’s great about the Power Plate—you’re 10 to 20 minutes tops. As soon as I hit “Go,” it’s going to walk me through an entire program just to work on my golf game. It’s so user friendly.

Hut Allred:
Absolutely. So if you’re a novice, it gives you the preset programs that you can follow and use, which will take some of the [lack of knowledge] out of it. It will give you good guidance, like having a fitness professional there with you. Although you could use a fitness professional…

Craig Lewin:
New Wave Fitness.

Hut Allred:
All right, well, great! That’s the Power Plate, and we look forward to seeing you next month! Craig Lewin of Busy Body, we appreciate it.


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