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“I have no energy.”

Challenge: Everyday fatigue is a common complaint in our fast-paced society, ranking among the top five health problems reported by adults within the past 18 years.

Lack of energy becomes a vicious cycle, with stress and the inability to relax being among the most common reasons for sleep problems.

The problem is further compounded by the fact that the majority of adults who report fatigue and loss of energy admit that they don’t get the RDA of most important vitamins and minerals even one day per week.

Shaklee CorEnergy helps provide sustained, enduring energy in a formula based on standardized extracts of herbs with clinical studies in Europe and centuries of use in Asia.shaklee_corenergy

  • Fights everyday fatigue* (Cordyceps sinensis) —a greatly valued mushroom that has been extensively clinically tested in China and found to help fight everyday fatigue*
  • Energizes* (Panax ginseng) —traditionally used to revitalize and replenish vital energy*
  • Promotes sustained vitality* (Green Tea) —one of the richest dietary sources of antioxidant phytonutrients called polyphenols

Who might benefit from CorEnergy?

  • People who are searching for a natural energy supplement to help keep up with the hectic pace of daily life
  • People who want to avoid stimulants
  • Women who are experiencing loss of energy during the transition to menopause

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