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Welcome to New Wave Fitness - serving Highland Park, Texas.

We have been providing in-home personal training services to Highland Park residents since 2002.

Experienced, certified, in-home personal trainers serving Highland Park residents. Call New Wave Fitness for a free, no-obligation fitness consultation.

We will visit you in your home or office in Highland Park and discuss your fitness goals. Then we’ll share our program options with you to see if we have a good fit. If you decide to hire us, a personal trainer will be sent to your home or office to start your personalized exercise and nutrition program.

Nutrition is an important component of any fitness program. Our bodies respond better to quality supplements taken at the right time for optimum results. For example, have you ever considered using a post-workout supplement? For weight loss and building muscle, this can be an important step that many people neglect.

We all need exercise, no matter our age or current fitness level. A personal trainer from New Wave Fitness is qualified to teach you how to properly work out. Your training session is guaranteed to be focused on the most important person at that time – YOU!

Our Trainers

Ian - Fitness CoachIanFitness Coach

A personal trainer should be able to motivate you and know when you are being pushed to your physical limits. A trainer like this expert is in tune with his clients and will be able to tailor a workout program to benefit each individual at their own pace, while still allowing them to see results.

Gary - Highland Park Personal TrainerGaryHighland Park Personal Trainer

An important trait in a personal trainer like this coach is being even keeled. He must stay calm even when his client may be upset or irrational. Part of an excellent personal trainer’s repertoire is the ability to make his clients feel better and stay motivated even when they are going through a rough spot.

Cameron - Personal Training CameronPersonal Training

Couples working out together have made great progress. While a personal trainer like this expert is there to guide and motivate them, sometimes having a workout partner can make a big difference when it comes to stick-to-itiveness and helping to hold each other accountable for staying on track.

Zech - Motivational CoachZechMotivational Coach

A fitness coach is there to provide guidance and help you to get the best workout possible to achieve maximum results in minimum time. Every fitness coach and personal trainer at New Wave Fitness, has plans for his clients to follow, not on their own, but with him there every step of the way to show them.

David - Fitness ExpertDavidFitness Expert

It can be tough to find a great personal trainer, but this expert checks all the boxes of a great trainer. His clients have seen results time and time again, and he guides them not just through an exercise program, but also includes the important nutrition component for the best possible outcome.

Matt - Weight Loss CoachMattWeight Loss Coach

Once a personal trainer is certified, what makes him even better at his profession is experience. This coach has many years of experience as a personal trainer and knows what works best for his clients to see amazing results from their fitness and nutrition program.

Laura - Training ExpertLauraTraining Expert

Saving time is important nowadays. If you could have your workouts delivered to you at home, not having to waste time driving to a gym (then having to wait for the machine you want since they’re all full), wouldn’t you jump at the chance? This expert is a mobile, traveling personal trainer who visits you at home or work.

Jared - Weight Loss ExpertJaredWeight Loss Expert

Whether you are in it for long-term fitness or want to shape up for a special occasion, a personal trainer like this one can coach you through the process. Work out to focus on trouble spots or train your body for better metabolism—no matter the reason, exercise and good nutrition are important to staying healthy.

DISCLAIMER: The results described in our testimonials may not be typical for everyone. Individual results may vary from person to person. New Wave Fitness' system is designed to be a challenging program to help you lose weight and stay fit. Our clients must follow our fitness and nutrition system as directed to see results.

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