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Personal Trainers in Colleyville.

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Welcome to New Wave Fitness - serving Colleyville, Texas.

We have been providing in-home personal training services to Colleyville residents since 2002.

If you live or work in Colleyville, New Wave Fitness can deliver a personal trainer to your home or office, from two to four times per week, to provide exercise and nutrition instruction. Whether you prefer one-on-one attention or would like to work out with a friend, spouse or family member, we tailor a program specifically to fit your needs and goals.

A personal trainer provides the motivation, encouragement and accountability that is missing by working out on your own. Your trainer will use a structured program that has brought proven, time-tested results to thousands of DFW residents, including people in Colleyville, for more than 12 years.

No matter your age, fitness level, ability or goals, our personal training program can be modified to create the best possible outcome for you. Whether your goal is to lose or gain body fat, strengthen or build muscle, tone your body, or simply have more energy, your personal trainer can help you achieve your goal and show you how to maintain your positive results for the rest of your life.

Our Trainers

Ian - Fitness CoachIanFitness Coach

Our personal training clients have expressed how much they enjoy their workouts, and they have seen marked results within just the first few sessions. A personal trainer like ours is able to keep you motivated and can get you over a plateau so you will keep seeing results.

Gary - Colleyville Personal TrainerGaryColleyville Personal Trainer

If you are a Colleyville resident, or if you work in Colleyville, one of our personal trainers can travel to your home or office to provide a great, effective workout and get you following a time-tested program that produces results.

Cameron - Personal Training CameronPersonal Training

Hiring a personal trainer is making an investment in your long-term health and well-being. A personal trainer like ours can teach you the skills you need to make fitness a permanent part of your daily routine—both exercise and nutrition included.

Zech - Motivational TrainerZechMotivational Trainer

A personal trainer can coach you to success when it comes to your health and fitness. Our trainer provides positive reinforcement, encouragement and accountability so you’re able to stick with your program and achieve your health and fitness goals once and for all.

David - Recreational CoachDavidRecreational Coach

Our trainer give advice and instruction to our clients on how nutrition and fitness go hand in hand to produce healthy results. Each of our trainers is an experienced, professional personal coach who knows how to motivate people in a positive way.

Matt - Weight Loss ExpertMattWeight Loss Expert

If you hire a personal trainer at a gym, you’re never sure if you will get the same trainer every time, or if the trainer will be knowledgeable or experienced. This trainer has years of experience coaching DFW residents to achieving their fitness goals in a safe, healthy environment—their own homes.

Laura - Professional CoachLauraProfessional Coach

From the comfort of your own home, achieve your fitness goals with the help of our personal trainer. No more feeling self-conscious or fighting to use a popular machine at the gym—effective, productive workouts are delivered to you by a certified, experienced personal trainer.

Jared - Weight Loss CoachJaredWeight Loss Coach

Your health and fitness are important, so it makes sense to call an experienced professional for help with losing weight, strength training, or rehabilitation after surgery or an injury. Our personal trainer can guide you through safe exercises, and also advise on proper nutrition for the best results.

DISCLAIMER: The results described in our testimonials may not be typical for everyone. Individual results may vary from person to person. New Wave Fitness' system is designed to be a challenging program to help you lose weight and stay fit. Our clients must follow our fitness and nutrition system as directed to see results.

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